Welcome to the launch pad for our new single 'Same Boat'. For the next few weeks this is the only place to hear the song.

Our Awesome friends James and Jordan from Monkey Noise made this game for us over their holidays - we love them!! While we are casting love we have to thank Marcel and Andrew with their help on the web end.

If you enjoy the song/game and feel like contributing you can donate here and we will send you the song now - before it goes live elsewhere, who knows we may even be able to add a game to our next release too 


TIPS - please read


- For Mobile, firstly ignore the not supported for mobile warning ... have a try and if your phone not compatible jump on a laptop when you get the chance

next we recommend turning your device on it's side and pushing the 'fullscreen' blue button top right.  press on the red button that appears throughout the game to jump - steer and paddle etc. good luck

iPHONE - fullscreen button doesn't work on iPhone - just turn screen sideways then back upright when finished playing

- For Laptop you can use the mouse or the spacebar and arrow keys 

- for the Metaverse please get in touch if you want to send us millions of dollars / coins to buy any of these characters as NFT's hehe


see if you can get on the high score board


WebGL builds are not supported on mobile devices.